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Published: 2021-07-01 00:44:38
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English class that I will have to take I am excited; I come with a great expectation of leaving behind my bad writing experiences; although a kind of weakness opaque my writing strengths I am going to take full advantage of each and every concept learn during the English 1301 class. First of all, I come with a great expectation of leaving behind my writing experiences presented in my lasts English classes.
The memory of the first official essay that I wrote in life is enormously disturbing. Do not remember err well the date but it is truly an experience that will always be impossible to forget. It all started when the professor assigned to each one of us a topic from which we had to develop an essay. I have to mention that the word "plagiarism" was not in my vocabulary, so I immediately went into the site of lazy people called "Wisped" and started to copy and paste all the useful information that I found.
That way my worked was finished in less than 10 minutes. As well, it was no longer necessary to put attention to the professor essay explanation. Consequently, the teacher did not even take ten seconds o detect my cheat when she was grading my work. After a horrible F in my grade and after a great shame in front of everyone in my class, I realized that the lessons that the teacher had given during the class was going to help me write my essay and obviously what I did was wrong and it was considered "plagiarism".

Above all, the positive part of this bad writing experience is that promised that will never do it again, and that I was going to use every skill learned in each and every English class in order to be able to develop perfect essays without any plagiarism. On the other hand, especially in this class, a weakness opaque my writing retries; this is due to the fact that English is considered my second language. I come from Monterrey, Mexico and I moved 3 years ago to this country. My first language is Spanish.
All my thoughts and ideas in my head are produced in Spanish and in a matter Of seconds I translate it into English. Of COUrse, that point that I see it as a weakness will only disappear if I give the double of the effort. However, through the pass of the years realized that one of my greatest virtues is my agility in the development themes, especially if the theme has to do with science or social problems. As a matter of fact, spent woo to three hours every day reading science magazines or books, and that has helped me when need to develop essays.
That's exactly what will do in this English 1301 course; I am going to squeeze 100% each and every knowledge given by the teacher. Improving and enhancing the area of reading comprehension through the 'Mercury Reader book As well as learning how to adequately answer each and every question used to complete the journals. My goal is to get into the nursing program. Come with the clearly idea that every lesson, every concept learned in this course during this semester will have a positive impact on my future.

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