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Published: 2021-07-01 00:53:09
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Read and make notes on pages 293-300 of the GCSE Applied ICT textbook. Public access to the Internet In order for the members of the community to gain the benefits of the Internet, they need to have access to it. This might not be possible in some areas where few people can afford computer equipment. In many of these communities, offering people free or very cheap access to the Internet has solved the problem. Access is obtainable at public places such as shopping centers, libraries, community centers, etc.
This type of access is ideal for people who do not have access to the Internet at home or at work. Cybercafis Cybercafi?? s are coffee shops that also offer computing facilities. You can access the Internet, scan in material, print out material (sometimes in colour) and have a coffee and a cake while you are doing it. Cybercafi s are springing up in all the major towns and cities in the UK and they provide comfortable surroundings in which to use computers. You can find Cybercafs in many public places such as high streets, shopping centers, libraries, airports, train stations, etc.
They provide a cheap way of accessing the Internet. Many Cybercafi s, though, have quite old hardware and software, so it is not always possible to read the latest websites or even pick up all e-mail attachments. Public transport and travel information The Internet provides a huge store of information about public transport. For example, you can find out when you can find complete information about a particular flight.

(When it took off, its current speeds, height and position, its expected landing time, etc. ) http://www. flytecomm. com/trackflight. html Taxis If you want to hire a taxi, you usually have to ring a local taxi firm and the radio operator uses the radio to find out which taxi is nearest to you. The closest taxi driver then radios back to confirm that they want the job. The operator then gives the details of the job, including the address. The problems with this system include: 1.
Interference on the radio can sometimes make the instructions unclear 2. Taxis occasionally go to the wrong address or arrive at the wrong time 3. Taxis sometimes get lost and arrive late Many taxi firms now have a new system, which make use of global positioning. This system enable the taxi office to pinpoint a taxi that is free and nearest to the caller. The details of the pick-up are displayed on a small screen on the taxi's dashboard so the driver no longer has to rely on voice messages.
The system can also provide detailed instructions on how to get to both the pick-up and drop-off points. Some of these new systems can be obtained from the manufacturers at: http://www. taxitronic. net/ http://www. alephcomputer. com/html/cadtx. html Air traffic control Information about National Air Traffic Services, the company who provide all the air traffic control in Britain and some other countries, can be found on: http://www. nats. co. uk/about/technology. html
Using ICT to find you way: using satellite positioning systems Satellite positioning systems are able to locate the position of any object on the Earth's surface. Theses systems can be used to locate the position of an aircraft or ship or even a person. Some cars are equipped with a similar system so that the driver can locate their position on a map on a small screen inside the car.
The driver can then use the system to obtain directions to their destination. Some systems give the directions (turn left, turn right, etc.) on a screen whereas others give the driver verbal direction as they approach junctions and turns. Hand-held satellite positioning systems are available and are used by people walking in isolated regions such as mountains or deserts. Satellite positioning systems use information from a host of satellites to determine where the driver is located, and a small computer is used to provide the maps. As well as giving details of roads, the system can also provide information on the locations of airports, banks, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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