HR Manager Comparisons of Mobile versus Wired Technologies

Published: 2021-07-01 00:31:38
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The article provides information on how the differences of mobile communication systems and wireds communication systems as perceived by human resource managers. This article discusses the concept of communication systems in specific organizations and how mobile technologies differ from wired technologies in terms of its functionalities and reliabilities. The article discusses the changes that happened in the telecommunication technologies as well as the advantages and disadvantages of mobile communication.
In order to achieve the objective of this paper, the researcher has considered 250 managers from eight Society of Human Resource Management chaptes in the northern and western Texas in 2006. The articles have concluded that the switch from wired to wireless communication in the working environment is significantly related to the major effects of work environment. The article also mentioned the importance of considering changes in communication system in the workplace and how it can be useful to make every operation successful. What Did I Learn From the article
Upon reading the article, I have learned that comunication systems also changes and these changes should be considered in every organisation. I have learned that goodc communication is important among managers and the use of an effective communication system must be considered specifically mobile communication system. I have learned that using mobile communication is more advantageous that wired communication system and can help us have the most efficient. I also learned that there are different types of communication systems available and we must know their differences and how they can be helpful for our personal use.

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