How Fires are linked with Global Warming

Climate Change is caused by 3 different ways. 1. Human activity, 2. Global warming, 3. Droughts. These fires can cause devastating and murderous fires

Human Activity

What does Human Activity mean? What do we do that starts fires? Why do people do it? These are some of the many questions asked by people regarding the subject ‘Human Activity’. Why don’t we just dig deeper to these questions and find out more than what we know about these subjects. Most Human Activity fires are caused by Arson (It is explained below), With the information given below it explained how fires are caused by ‘Human Activity’


Arsons are revolving around a person going into a place that most everyday people don’t go to and start fire. the fires are usually started by 3 things Oxygen, Heat and Fuel/Ignition Source. Oxygen is all around us so that is ticked off, Heat is caused by matches (Within Arson) and Fuel can be like Trees or Gasoline.

Global Warming

Global Warming is mostly pin pointed at factories and cars. Factories release smoke that is hot and it raises up until it hits the ozone layer then the greenhouse effect is activated (Explained below) Cars on the other hand, release nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants that do the same things as factories.

The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is a world process that warms the Earth’s surface. When the sun’s energy rays reaches the Earth’s atmosphere , some of the rays that reflects off the earth is absorbed by greenhouse gases the energy that the greenhouse gases absorbed are released back into the earth. Over time the earth has created more and more greenhouse gases (That are from Cars and Factories) and the sun is releasing more and more rays the earth is taking in heaps of it and so the earth takes in tonnes and tonnes of heat that causes global warming.


Droughts are 1 of 3 things that are started by Global Warming, Heat is the main factor of droughts starting with the heat putting a halt on rain flow and with the amount of water we have left is getting used in many ways like Farming, Looking after animals and if we have no animals we will not have any meat to eat.


The bottle line is we need to stop using our cars and stop buying things that are made in a factory and they will go out of commission and they will no longer produce the greenhouse gases that is causing all these things to happen!

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